NEINification – training your organization to achieve nothing

Reign by terror has been long known. But dictators are too short lived I’m afraid. What a true master knows, is how to tame an organization so bad it fails to achieve.. anything, without officially saying no. Look at Berlusconi – a master in action!

Here’s the Evil Coach top ten of how to make sure every initiative fail – without ever having to say no!

  1. Encourage critical comments and ideas only to slam down on the pitiful who try.. haha..
  2. Spread out responsibility on too many persons in the organization. No one knows who did what and no one actually failed. Brilliant!
  3. Make sure these persons’ calendars are full
  4. Make sure there is larger risk in saying Yes than saying No. Proof that by setting a standard. Take a pitiful consultant and make your point.
  5. Have a yearly budget process.(The answer is always no, but now you find out one year later – hohoho)
  6. Protract decisions until all energy is wasted
  7. Replenish all consultants every second year, the remaining few with energy so say something… by the time the can muster courage to raise their voice – bye bye!
  8. Demand involvement on your 5 year strategic plans. The only plan will be saying is “grow”,  but who cares!
  9. Demand traceability of everything.
  10. Be manic about security. What if someone shared your information with the outside world? Separate information into small traceable blocks that prevents anyone from seeing the full picture.

10 brilliant tips on how to stay on top – forever!

2 responses on “NEINification – training your organization to achieve nothing

  1. your real name is “Evil Cöach”, right?! (the ö makes it look more evil!)

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