Kanban Basic Patterns

I have collected and distilled  some of the basic patterns of Kanban-board patterns I’ve found on various boards. You can combine them in any way that suites you, but you probably don’t need all of them at the same time.

Here’s how a sample pattern looks like:

Kanban Board Pattern

If you print the pdf to 9 pages per A3 you’ll get a nice overview. Let me know if you are missing one of your favorite ones!

To see an actual flow of tickets and evolution of a Kanban-board I recommend this slide show!

And here are some more links to kanban patterns:

3 responses on “Kanban Basic Patterns

  1. Thanks Hans for sharing!
    Simple but valuable content. It will help me to teach Kanban.
    It came to my mind that maybe a Kanban antipattern collection will be a great addon to this.

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