Brickell Key Award Nominee!

I have just got the amazing news that I am one of the 6 nominees for this year’s Brickell Key Award! I am really humbled by the fact that you guys out there voted for me.

The Brickell Key Award has been awarded to people that I look up to in the Kanban community like, among others, David Joyce (2010), Alison Vale (2010), Jim Bensson (2012), Arne Rook (2012) and Yuval Yeret (2013). Being nominated to this award is for me a great honor in itself!

This year the competition is fierce with Håkan Forss (past colleague and my personal favorite) and Klaus Leopold as very strong candidates. It is very interesting to see that we are two nominees from Sweden (well, technically I am French, but I only work in Sweden) as it shows how strong the Kanban community is here.

Being nominated is just the first step, let’s get this prize!
You can help: cast your vote on the LKNA 2014 conference site

Huge Thanks!

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