The lean conference of the year – Stop Starting 2014

Stop Starting Start Finishing . Lean Kanban Nordic 2014

This years Lean Kanban Nordic conference will be something extra. The focus in on improving the full value chain, from concept to cash. You will get an unique opportunities to listen and discuss with practitioners sharing their experience of how they have improved their companies using Lean thinking. For example, learn:

As a leader:

  • Can you become Lean within a big corporation? Of course you can! Reflections from a Vice President

As a manager/controller:

  • How we implemented Beyond budgeting

As a product manager/product owner::

  • How do I find the product customers wants to buy?

As a company change agent:

  • How Ericsson 3g utilizes flow thinking at scale (1800 people)
  • Improving the full value chain using Enterprise Kanban
  • The secret to unlocking real creativity and competitiveness

Plus our two keynote speakers: Niklas Modig and David Anderson. This conference represents a rare opportunity to meet some remarkable people, at all levels, who has made a difference in their companies.

Take the chance and join up at Stop Starting – Lean Kanban Nordic Conference 2014 

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