Slides and code for one day Wicket introduction with Ajax

At my current assignment, I needed to get my fellow developers up to speed with Wicket. So I put together a one day course that taught them enough to join in on the work of a current application. Everything is publicly available on GitHub here:

You get a starting plate for a complete web application with database backend accessed through Spring Data JPA. Also, there is a Power Point presentation that guides you through the exercises. Very little is spent on Wicket philosophy and concepts to the benefit of hands on coding.

The goals of the course are:

  1. Create a web app using Wicket and Spring
  2. Create a validating form that saves into the database
  3. Create a table that shows the result of a database query
  4. Use Ajax to update part of a page

There are some supplementary exercises at the end which covers internationalization and the generic panel.

The course was first led by me once and a used a second time for self study when a new member joined later.


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