How to peel off Post-its

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Having trouble with curled Post-its that won’t stick to the wall? Well, it could be due to bad glue or that you peel them off wrong. I would guess it’s the latter. Might feel like a silly blog post to write, but I found myself teaching people the technique of peeling Post-its quite frequently.

It’s very simply. Grab the top Post-it with a firm grip, and pull it straight down.
Not to the side. Not up.
Straight down.

With practice comes mastery – someone probably said.

How to peel a post-it

Side note: Some colleagues argue that it is easier to place the left-hand thumb in the middle of the pack (on the second Post-it) instead of on the side of the deck. I guess you need to try to see what works best for you 🙂


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    There is a third technique that I teach as a starter during my courses. If you ever used up a post-it block completely, usually the last post-it is hard to remove from the cover. So, the block is intended for use from the back, and then you can peel it off from down to up.

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