Book release: Real World Kanban

My new book – “Real World Kanban” is now available. Here’s the plot in a nutshell:

What happens when Kanban is used in real projects? Kanban has few rules, but an infinite number of strategies. What seems easy in theory can become tangled in practice. So there’s nothing like learning from real world cases. Learn how we:

  • Improved the full value chain by using Enterprise Kanban.
    (Find out how we improved time to market and shifted focus from Sprints to Flow to deliver customer value in a traditional company.)
  • Boosted engagement, teamwork, and flow in change management and operations.
  • Saved a derailing project with Kanban.
  • Helped an office team outside IT keep up with growth using Kanban.

Inside each case story, you’ll find guerilla techniques on how we made improvements happen (including cases where we #failed). I also walk through why focusing on “improving IT” can make you miss your biggest improvement opportunity (the front end part of your value stream) as well as the 5 system “enablers” that guided our long term improvements.

Sounds interesting?  You can get “Real World Kanban” from:

new book: "Real World Kanban"











10 responses on “Book release: Real World Kanban

  1. Excellent! Thanks so much for sharing this for free! I will support the effort later when it is on Amazon.

    It is so valuable to have more resources that we can learn from and can point people to when they ask about real world application of Lean & Agile approaches. This promises to be a great addition to the ‘from the trenches’ books on Lean and on Scrum & XP.

  2. As a new hire business analyst I find this very interesting, can you please direct me to more resources regarding lean methodologies and BCPs in an agile environment? Additionally if there is a free edition available for download to students that would be helpful.

    1. Hi Abraham,

      There are tons of stuff out there. One start is to check out older entries in our blog (Mia’s, Martin’s, Henrik’s and mine)


  3. HI Mattias Skarin,

    Your ebook seems interesting, so i google a little to see some comment on it, i find one not so nice about your ebook !! Check this url : …

    What did you answer to this post ? Looking forward your answer 🙂

    1. Hi Gerald,

      Thanks for pointing this out. This is my answer to the post.

      I wrote the book to describe what really happens when you try to improve traditional organisation using Kanban, the success and the failures. One thing we learened quickly was that keeping a pragmatic approach to improving things and keeping the people working there with you all along the journey was a more successful (and sustainable) approach than striving to implement an “ideal” process. That said, that was not the only way we could have approached things. If you working in a company that carry legacy and want to improve, you are more likely to be the target audience for the book than someone who considers themself an expert.

      – Mattias

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