Kanban tool walkthrough video

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Are you thinking about electronic Kanban tools? Do you need transparency to end-to-end flow? Do you work across multiple sites? Tired of managing work states in Jira?

Here’s a short video demonstrating visualisation, analytics and key features in Swift-Kanban & Leankit. Both combine “simple and flexible” with “enterprise ready”. I also mention an interesting runner up – Obeya.

Some things I don’t walk through (but worth knowing about):

  • Both Swift and Leankit supports creating hierarches of boards (linking multiple teams)
  • Both offers mobile support
  • Leankit offers advanced analytics in their pro version (enables you to create customized reports)
  • Obeya (the runner up) is currently in private Beta

’nuff said -let’s take the kanban tool walkthrough 🙂


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    2015-10-21 - 22:16 | Permalink

    Thanks for your fast overview. It helped me to get an impression of the tools. I don’t know if you can comment it – but what is your favorite tool and why?

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      2015-10-23 - 13:58 | Permalink

      Hi Seb,

      Both tools has what you need to run kanban, regardless of you situation.
      I think currently Leankit has a slight edge in usability, while Swift offers an edge in funtionality (replay, zoom etc.).
      But that’s being extremely picky.. both are solid bets.

      In a multi team scenario, I would pick these any day over Jira.


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