Speaking at Lean Kanban France 2016

I will – finally – be speaking at Lean Kanban France 2016 this year.

Being French, it should perhaps falls naturally to present at a French conference. Life as had other plans for me so far, but this year the stars are in the right position and it is happening. Though, I have to confess that I’ve never actually discuss Lean, Kanban and Agile in French. So, I’ll do my talk in …english. Yes, it’s weird!

My talk will be about my RPG-inspired “From Good-Enough to Great”, a very condensed version of the workshop that I’ve run at LKNA16 last May. I’ll upload the slides just in time for the conference.

From Good-Enough to Great 

You’ve had some success with your Kanban System: you’ve managed flow and quickly increased your capability. But now the energy goes down, your Kanban system – (r)evolutionary at first – becomes the new normal. How do you keep momentum? How do you keep succeeding in the long term? 

Building on the insights gathered by starting and following more than 70 Kanban implementations, this talk presents a set of tools designed to discover the real purpose of your Kanban system. You will understand your quest, your origin story, your strengths and weaknesses. Having found your “Why”, you will be able to create a plan to lift your Kanban system from good-enough to great. You will have unity and alignment around a strong sense of purpose: the bases to make you Kanban system resilient!

Actually, the more I work on this presentation, the more I find stuff to speak about. Which is making it very hard to keep it under 45 min. I’ll really need to write some blog posts to fill the gaps!

See you in Paris!

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