How to Get your Kanban Initiative Back on Track?

All kanban systems experience some “heart attacks” once in a while. 
As a team, you can react in two ways: abandon your kanban system, or act smart. If you manage the situation well, you can learn from this experience and improve your kanban system to propel you all the way to high-performance.
Building on my popular “Fika” blog series, I present here the mechanism at play behind these “heart attacks” (the policy debt trap) and give some advice on how to best handle it and stay on the high performing path. I also offer some new view on what “failing” with Kanban means: a fantastic opportunity for improvement.
This presentation was recorded during a webinar organized by Digité (of SwiftKanban fame). The actual presentation starts at 09:35 after some introduction by Mahesh Singh of Digité. 
You will find the slides (PDF) here.

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