How self driving car company AID builds its organisation using Agile – interview with the CEO

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How do you grow, innovate, and deliver – at the same time? AID (Audi’s unit for self-driving cars) uses Agile to build its organisation at the same pace as their product. We interviewed their CEO Karlheinz Wurm on why they have chosen to do so. We also sneaked in a question – how is it (really) to get feedback as a leader?


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    2019-06-05 - 14:41 | Permalink

    Does this company have a real product? There is no information about what they do.

  • 3
    Oliver Andersson
    2019-06-14 - 10:33 | Permalink

    It is a dream come true. A CEO who dares to speak agile openly, with knowledge and almost does not mention what his team does. Keep in that way!

  • 4
    2019-07-09 - 23:43 | Permalink

    Amazing! It’s 100% the way I would want to work with an organization!
    So nice to see a company with values that are so totally in sync with my own personal values.

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