The Navigator just updated – adding Pocathon Big Room event

If you are working with partners to develop innovative solutions, you should take a serious look at Agile contracts. Agile contracts enable you to work Effect driven (over ticking off requirements) using collaboration, and incremental release to reduce risk.

There are now good solid case studies that demonstrate how this shortens time to value in companies such as SBAB and IZettle to name a few.

A more challenging question has been, “how can we easily create a procurement strategy that enables Agile contracting?” To make this easier, we launched the Navigator for Agile contracting. Today, we are happy to announce the addition of a key concept that adds to use cases of Agile contracting and extends it to complex solutions beyond Software – the Pocathon Big Room Event.

This concept has been pioneered by Lean Agile Procurement and we are happy to add it to the mix.

You can find the Navigator here.

 (currently only available in Swedish, but you should be able to read it using Google Translate)

Psst: Curious about how to apply Pocathon Big Room with multiple providers simultaneously? Join our class “Competitive advantage using Lean-Agile Procurement” in June.

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