Slides: A story of getting better on Alignment

I recently was asked to do a presentation of how companies approach alignment in Agile settings.

Where most companies normally put considerable effort putting some alignment framework in place, the really good ones improve this iteratively, matching the process, removing bureaucracy – so it matches the competence level over time.

In this presentation I share a few of the hacks that I have seen work.

I also show why OKR’s fall short on a few critical areas.

Here are the slides.

Ps: If you want to learn from the best, join Stephen Bungay’s new and revised Agile Strategy course (remote) starting October 18:th.

One response on “Slides: A story of getting better on Alignment

  1. Mattias, thanks for sharing these slides and the story of Ilse. The biggest fails you mentioned at the end of the presentation resonate well to me!

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