Are developers needed in the Age of AI?

I hesitate a bit to write about this, feels like I’m just jumping on the AI hype train. But something REALLY important is going on, and I want to talk about it.

I remember a friend telling me how AI was making incredible progress and might actually make human programming obsolete. I really thought it sounded like nonsense. I had all kinds of counter-arguments lined up. I don’t think anything anyone could say or write would have convinced me at the time. Until one day I actually started interacting with GPT and seeing for myself. That kind of changed everything.

I’ve spent the past few months digging deeply into this, using GPT 4 and Github Copilot on a daily basis as a design buddy and pair programmer, experimenting with prompt engineering, and building products that interact with GPT via the OpenAI API. The hype isn’t exaggerated, this technology is powerful beyond belief.

This article is aimed at developers who want to stay relevant as we enter the Age of AI.

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Are developers needed in the Age of AI.

One response on “Are developers needed in the Age of AI?

  1. Absolutely! Developers continue to be essential in the Age of AI. While AI technologies are capable of automating certain tasks and making some development processes more efficient, they still require skilled developers to create, train, deploy, and maintain AI systems.

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