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What is Agile – easy to grasp material for the non-techie

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I frequently get the question (often from people outside IT): “how can I quickly understand what Agile is?”.  I’ve collected a suite of links and videos over the years to help people grasp the basics concepts in 10 min or so. I thought I’d share them with you.

(pls note: the list is intended to give people a quick introduction, short and sweet. The intent is not to cover all aspects.)

Brief explanation of Agile (8 min video):


How a Product Owner works –  “PO in a nutshell” (12 min video)


Article highlighting cultural aspects – Experimenting, Awesome people, Deliver continuously, Safe to try


Behaviours displayed by agile teams – 12 seemingly normal things agile people do


Case: Agile at Scale with 200 people @ LEGO (50 min video).

– Pay attention to how engagement/responsiblity was created for both team and department deliveries, and how positive energy was nurtured.


I hope you find it useful. I expect this list to evolve over time, so don’t be surprised if new links pop up here in the future.

Cheers Mattias