What is Agile – easy to grasp material for the non-techie

I frequently get the question (often from people outside IT): “how can I quickly understand what Agile is?”.  I’ve collected a suite of links and videos over the years to help people grasp the basics concepts in 10 min or so. I thought I’d share them with you.

(pls note: the list is intended to give people a quick introduction, short and sweet. The intent is not to cover all aspects.)

Brief explanation of Agile (8 min video):


How a Product Owner works –  “PO in a nutshell” (12 min video)


Article highlighting cultural aspects – Experimenting, Awesome people, Deliver continuously, Safe to try


Behaviours displayed by agile teams – 12 seemingly normal things agile people do


Case: Agile at Scale with 200 people @ LEGO (50 min video).

– Pay attention to how engagement/responsiblity was created for both team and department deliveries, and how positive energy was nurtured.


I hope you find it useful. I expect this list to evolve over time, so don’t be surprised if new links pop up here in the future.

Cheers Mattias

One response on “What is Agile – easy to grasp material for the non-techie

  1. A very nice and helpful overview. I think it is very important to go back to the fundamentals from time to time. It helps to focus and questions all the fancy methods and ideas you came up with along the way. Also you don’t get trapped in building your own one-way-street to a goal you never had.

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