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Canned Wicket Examples Updated to Wicket 6

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Today I decided to update my canned wicket test examples to the latest version of Wicket.

I still think Wicket is a really nice web framework for the following reasons, primarly.

  1. Hot deploy from the Maven archetype. The quick start setup offered from the Wicket site gives you “change-and-reload” out of the box.
  2. Unit testing framework built in. You test the logic of the web application without resorting to click simulation.
  3. HTML separation. Allows you to work in a tight loop with an interaction designer that can use any HTML editor.
  4. No need for JavaScript. Well, for the basic stuff at least. The examples here all use AJAX.

Using CloudBees for teaching XP practices

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We are doing a course called “Certified Scrum Developer”.  We are of course proud of being one of the few eligible by the Scrum Alliance to hold such a course. But what matters most to us is teaching some modern development practices. The certificate bit is more of a bonus.

Crisp had recently its fifth installment of a code camp, the “Crisp Hack Summit”. It is an occasion for everyone at Crisp to go bananas on some project of their liking. We took the chance to work on the technical platform for the CSD course.  We know from experience that you can loose a lot of valuable lecture time if  the technical environment decides to hassle. Murphy, will you be there?

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Bootstrapping an agile project with continuous deployment using cloudbees

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Starting from scratch, this video demos how to quickly get to a fully agile project setup with continuous deployment.

Everything is in the cloud – GIT repo, Jenkins, MongoDB, and the app server. The system deploys automatically with every successful commit.

The app itself is minimal, but does have a simple web interface and a database. The idea is that once you get a “walking skeleton” app like this running in the cloud with continuous deployment, you can get user feedback early and often, and evolve more quickly.

The video demonstrates:

  • iterative development with VERY fast feedback loop
  • a dash of TDD
  • continuous deployment via git & jenkins & cloudbees
  • using eclipse tightly integrated with maven, jetty, and git.
  • the basics of mongo DB
  • the basics of java servlet development (I’ve intentionally avoided using a 3rd party web framework, as this setup will work for any web framework).