Canned Wicket Examples Updated to Wicket 6

Today I decided to update my canned wicket test examples to the latest version of Wicket.

I still think Wicket is a really nice web framework for the following reasons, primarly.

  1. Hot deploy from the Maven archetype. The quick start setup offered from the Wicket site gives you “change-and-reload” out of the box.
  2. Unit testing framework built in. You test the logic of the web application without resorting to click simulation.
  3. HTML separation. Allows you to work in a tight loop with an interaction designer that can use any HTML editor.
  4. No need for JavaScript. Well, for the basic stuff at least. The examples here all use AJAX.
So that is why I bothered to port to the latest version. Not that it was hard, only a  few lines had to be changed. And I wasn’t worried as I was backed by tests!
I wrote earlier about this ( This time I added styling which of course consumed lots of time since  a certain widely used browser was, let say, different. >:(
To spice it, I decided to deploy the application in the cloud. Application? Yes, that what canned means. The examples make up a website that discusses the examples themselves.
I used CloudBees as PaaS which I like for its built in support for continuous deployment. The code is still on GitHub but CloudBees has no problem with pulling from that repository, build and deploy.
Don’t hesitate to contact me – I value feedback.

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