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X-team Silos Game – getting in T-shape

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Cross functional teams are complete in expertise but not necessarily collaborative. Sometimes team members hold on to their expertise too much and the team does not perform to its potential. This Lego game illuminates the difference when members allow themselves to take on tasks outside their expertise, being so called T-shaped. Play the game to kick-start your change and create collaboration.

Playing the game.

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Great Retrospectives

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Great retrospectives are amazing, they have a way of really getting a team to work together and to energize them ahead of a new challenge. But even a great retrospective becomes boring and routine after a while. Luckily, there are a lot of us at Crisp working with different teams, so we got together this evening for a peer to peer exchange about retrospectives. We each got to pitch retrospective exercises and games that we’d like to try, or that we wanted to share. We ended up discussing and trying out 9 of them. Here’s a summary  in case you’d like to try some of them out at your next retrospective!

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Lego as Scrum simulation

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Alexey Kritivitsky (Ukraine Agile community) has created a fun Scrum training exercise for new teams using Lego.

Since games is such a brilliant teaching tool, you should know about it 🙂

Agile game – Pass the pennies

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Timing: 10-15 mins


  • 20 Pennies (any kind)
  • 4 departments (1 worker per dep. sitting at table)
  • 4 dep. managers with stopwatch
  • 1 CEO  (with stopwatch)


Game has three turns – each with different batch size [20, 5 and 1].

Workers job is to flip the pennies he receives as fast as he can and then pass them on to next. Department managers job is to take time his worker spends from the first to the last coin flipped. CEO takes total time from the first coin to the last. 

For fun, let managers have a "one-on-one" chat with his worker after each round.

Display results on a flipchart:

20 coin batch 5 coin batch 1 coin batch
Department 1 10s 17s 12s
Department 2 12s  
Department 3      
Department 4      
Total .. .. ..

Learning Points:

  • When batchsize decreases, total cycle time decreases
  • As total time decreases, worker time increases!
  • People idle more when batch size is high

CREDIT: Agile Coachcamp members