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Focus – my keynote at AgileByExample, Warsaw

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Here is my slide (yes, it’s just one slide) from my keynote at AgileByExample in Warsaw. And a video of the talk. Scroll down for a written summary.


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Stop Starting, Start Finishing! My slides on how to improve your life.

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Here are the slides from my keynote Starting Start Finishing from the LeanKanban Nordic conference.

Thanks for the great response! It seems like this was exactly the type of stuff people needed to hear! Some of the most tweeted quotes from the presentation:

  • “Organizations with slack are faster than organizations where the goal is to keep people busy all the time.”
  • “Those who can’t say no to anything, are those who burn-out and must say no to everything”
  • “Time is free! You get 24hrs per day!”
  • “I wanted a long term client because then I can see the consequences of the bad advice I’m giving” (hmmm…. maybe I shouldn’t have said that… lol)
  • This tweet warmed my heart: “@henrikkniberg has totally done it for me today. I need to change my life! 🙂 #sssf13”

Below are some sample slides. I had a lot of fun drawing the pics for this presentation! Thanks for giving me an excuse to waste spend time on that 🙂

Oh, and before you ask. I used ArtRage (software) and Intuos5 (drawing tablet).

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