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Deep Lean 2009

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Are you interested in Lean software development and how this relates to Agile methods such as Scrum and XP? Would you like to meet Mary Poppendieck (leading pioneer of Lean Software Development) and Jeff Sutherland (creator of Scrum)?

Deep Lean on May 18-19 is your chance to go beyond the basics, to meet and interact closely with internationally recognized experts within this field, and to trade experiences with peers.

The course was a great success last year, and we have made several improvements to make it even better this year!

Here is the registration page with more info.

Deep Lean participants are also invited to join our Summer Party on Monday May 18, with live music from my band Indigo.

Agile BBQ

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The concept of backlogs and taskboards and self-organizing teams is useful in many domains :o)

We had Ron & Chet over for BBQ in conjunction with a TDD training session in Stockholm. A great excuse to try an Agile BBQ! With 30 or so guests this saved me a lot of work as host. Just create the backlog, have the guests pair up, say GO, then run around and fix impediments! It was slightly messy but we got most of the stuff done and had fun doing it :o)
 Agile BBQ backlog

Agile BBQ taskboard