Agile BBQ

The concept of backlogs and taskboards and self-organizing teams is useful in many domains :o)

We had Ron & Chet over for BBQ in conjunction with a TDD training session in Stockholm. A great excuse to try an Agile BBQ! With 30 or so guests this saved me a lot of work as host. Just create the backlog, have the guests pair up, say GO, then run around and fix impediments! It was slightly messy but we got most of the stuff done and had fun doing it :o)
 Agile BBQ backlog

Agile BBQ taskboard

7 responses on “Agile BBQ

  1. Coolt!

    Det här ska jag köra på mitt nästa party!
    Helt suvve, faktiskt!

    Kram Stege

  2. That’s a neat idea! I like that the drink table appears to be the first story completed. Were there fights over who got to do that task? 🙂

  3. Actually, the drink table was completed first because I (as host and “product owner”) placed it at the top of the backlog. On a hot sunny day the first thing a newly arrived guest will want is a drink right? I asked the guests to “implement” the stories in approximate priority order.

    One of the lower prio items was ice cream. We never got around to that one.

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