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Keynote slides from my Passion for Projects keynote

Here are the slides for my Passion for Projects keynote Spotify – the unproject culture (+ failure story “How to burn €1 billion”).

So, now I’ve spent 2 days with 600 projects managers at a PMI conference. Totally different from the usual crowds I hang out with. Fascinating to hear stories about project management successes and failures in all kinds of industries – from warzone reconstruction projects to eurovision song contest.

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How do you scale projects?

When I have worked with scaling Scrum over several teams (up to 10 in parallell), I have strived to strengthen the same processes that gives traction to a single team.

Alistair Cockburn compiles this beautifully in his Software engineering in 21:st century

People issues determining a projects speed

  • Can they easily detect something needs attention? (Good at Looking Around)
  • Will they care enough to do something about it? (Pride-in-work; Amicability)
  • Can they effectively pass along the information?  (Proximity; face-to-face)
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