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Remote or Distributed Retrospectives

Meaningful inclusive retrospectives are possible with distributed teams. Let’s talk about the basics you need to have in place, how you can facilitate a distributed retrospective, and what to look out for. This guide is based on the retrospective format that we used at LRF Media. The retrospective participants included 5 team members at the office in Stockholm, one person working from home, and 2 people working at the Kraków office.

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How to successfully join a team as a coach

Gender neutral stick figure with a cape posing like a superheroYou’re coaching a new team! Woohoo! You have so many ideas! You’re going to help make the team’s world a better place! All the things that you’ll do! Then you get there. The music stops, and the frustration sets in. You’re trying to help but team members come late to the daily scrums, they don’t update the information radiators and they’re zoning out during meetings. You’re not sure what to do anymore. What happened? You feel undermined and unappreciated. Aren’t you the expert? Isn’t that why you got this team to begin with? Why won’t they let you help them?

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ScrumMaster på svenska?

Vad borde ScrumMaster heta på svenska, och varför heter det ScrumMaster och inte Scrum Master på engelska?

Enligt en anekdot jag hört så var ursprungsnamnet Scrum Slave, men Ken Schwaber och Jeff Sutherland insåg tidigt att det inte skulle vara så säljande. 🙂

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