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Time vs Story Points Estimation

One of the most common questions we get is whether to estimate in time or points. It seems like points are used only “to avoid thinking about time” and they are essentially the same. Wrong.

Let us give you the travel metaphor to give you an idea about how we are thinking.

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Sprint planning checklist

I use this in my own head when I visit a sprint planning. So why not share it 🙂

  • Do all team members understand the meaning of the story?
  • Is the definition of done clear?
  • Do all team members understand how the solution intends to solve the problem?
  • Is the story broken down to a level so that team can cooperate around solving it?
  • Is there a high cost of failure such, we need do address risk?
  • Are stories related to outside parties in such a way this needs to be cared about?
  • Is there a last responsible moment at which we can’t roll back?
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