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Kanban learnings – Running multiple projects hides impediments

6 months after we began using Kanban to two support / system administration teams they realized that the downside of having multiple projects running outweighed the possible upside.

Upside Downside
  • It is easy to continue to work on next project on if  you are awaiting input on first
  • Impediments preventing a faster cycle time remains hidden
  • Morale takes a beating when projects stay on board for weeks

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Kanban checklists

These are checklists I have compiled to help my Kanban teams stay focused

  • "Anytime"
  • Iteration planning
  • Daily standup
 Happy chap

Download as pdf

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Doing 45 minute sprint planning

I currently coach a system administration team. Anyone who has worked in one kUnhappy team membernows the constant attention required and the difficulty to find  uninterrupted time. (phone ringing constantly..) 

Doing kanban, we do iteration plannings every week and they need to be fast and accurate and we only need to keep a 45 min window. We have experimented with different approaches, and this has been the best working.

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Why we are better off monitor our queues

Cycle time helps us monitor our system performance. So cycle time is a good  thing ūüôā

But there is two ways of tracking it. First (obvious) way is by starting a stopwatch when an item enters system and stopping it when it exits. This gives a reliable measurement but only after we have passed the process.

Cycle time measurement

But there is a better way!

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Planning ahead in Scrum

In Scrum it is often perceived that planning takes place on sprint planning day. Getting the required parties in the same place and do planning is a good way of making real time decisions. But getting people together is a dounting or impossible task and this also neglects some of the thought processes that needs to take place before stories are estimatable.

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