Kanban checklists

(Shall be visible with the glance of an eye)

  • Do we have a bottleneck? (look for congestion/queues)
  • Do we have an impediment not dealt with?
  • Are we keeping our work in progress limit (WiP)?
  • Are priorities clear?

Iteration planning (1/week or on need basis)

Expected outcome:

  • Prognosed delivery date given to PO if needed.
    (Use size/velocity or tasks * cycle time)
  • Stories is broken down and estimated


  1. Update charts (velocity and cycle time)
  2. Remove done stories/tasks off kanban board
  3. Lookback last week [max 5 min]
    (What happened? Are we satisfied? Should we adjust WiP limit?)
  4. Team picks one thing to improve on for upcoming week [max 2 min]
  5. Write this down on top of Kanbanboard
  6. PO reads new stories to team
  7. Team breaks down and estimates stories [30 min]
  8. PO revises priorities and makes them visible


  • Can all team members do the broken down tasks?
  • Is WiP limit visible on board?
  • Can we see if we exceed WiP limit at any time?

Daily standup

Expected outcome

  • Impediments are surfaced so we deal with them
  • Team members can share experience of problems earlier encountered
  • NEVER takes more than 5 min (takes some training but is doable)


  1. What did I do yesterday
  2. What will I do today
  3. Do I have an impediment?
  4. As a team, do we need to act?


  • "60sek rule", you have 60s to offer advice to other team members if you can help them
  • All other matter : face2face after daily standup

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