How to Train to Kanban

I have the pleasure to be invited back to I’ve hosted a workshop about “how to train to Kanban” at the Lean Kanban France 2017.  The session was specially designed for you who is about to start training one or several teams, or who want to become better at training Kanban. It builds on the “Kanban

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Facilitating from the Back of the Room at Spotify

Last week Jimmy Janlén and I held a shortened version of our course Training from the Back of the Room for our former colleagues at Spotify. Actually it is not “our” course, but Sharon Bowmans. It’s based on her books about how create a more engaging learning experience in the class room, especially when training adults.

“I really liked the whole setup of this course – a really well organised and inspiring day. Wow :-)”

Jimmy and I are certified trainers of this course. We use the techniques when we do training. But we have also experienced how useful they are in other coaching and facilitation situations, such as workshops and retrospectives. Almost any meeting can be made more engaging and with longer lasting result with the set of tools TBR provides.

We have chosen to call the shortened training Facilitating from the Back of the Room, since that is what we agile coaches do most. 16 persons from the Spotify Agile Guild showed up this beautiful day in a corner room on the 17:th floor in High Tech building with amazing views over Stockholm city. We have to admit we were a little nervous at first. Would this actually make sense to coaches? It did.

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MOVE! Don’t. Sit. Still.

“Rörelse trumfar stillasittande” är den första och viktigaste av de sex principerna för lärande från Sharon Bowmans bok “Using Brain Science to Make Training Stick”.  Att bli certifierad Training From the back of the Room lärare var en resa med många steg och moment. En av uppgifterna bestod av att göra en presentation. Jag valde

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The power of open-ended requirements

David Barnholdt and I recently attended a 1-week PSL workshop (Problem Solving Leadership) with Jerry Weinberg, Esther Derby, and Johanna Rothman, one of the best courses I’ve ever attended. After that course we’ve been thinking about ways to make our own training courses more interactive. David was first out and invented a brilliant exercise demonstrating

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