10 ways to screw up with Scrum and XP – Toronto 2008

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Here are the slides from my session “10 ways to screw up with Scrum and XP” at Agile 2008 in Toronto. Glad that so many of you participated :o)



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    Binzy Wu
    2008-08-09 - 01:48 | Permalink

    I wrote something related. Could you please take a look and give me ideas?
    Thank you.

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    Eric Stieler
    2008-08-12 - 12:36 | Permalink

    I liked your presentation very much — one of the best in the conference. I particularly liked the humor you present. Rather than a how-to on Agile, the how to screw up Agile concept was fun. The constant audience participation also kept the whole crowd engaged. Big plus.

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    2008-08-14 - 02:54 | Permalink

    Can you please repost your Agile 2008 presentation? After downloading I get the following error while opening the presentation:

    “The file is damaged and could not be repaired”.


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    2008-08-14 - 03:22 | Permalink

    The download seems to work as far as I can see. Maybe it was a temporary problem. If you give me your email address I’ll be happy to email it to you.

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    2008-08-14 - 05:20 | Permalink

    Can you please send the PDF to my email address (ron_lewis@polk.com).


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    Iñaki Etxaniz
    2008-10-28 - 01:43 | Permalink


    I think the link doesn’t work for all of us. Looking around in other blogs I found that you -Crisp- have a repository on the pretty-same address, just if it starts with http://old.crisp.se/

    Thank you for the slides.


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    2008-10-29 - 11:42 | Permalink

    Temporary problems due to a web migration. Should be solved within a day or two.

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    2008-10-31 - 04:23 | Permalink

    …anxiously waiting for the slides! 🙂

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    2008-11-03 - 02:34 | Permalink


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    2015-01-19 - 14:03 | Permalink

    Hello Henrik,

    I can’t download the pdf. Could you repare the link or send it to me?
    I am very interested about your opinion in branches.

    Thanks a lot,

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    2015-05-15 - 04:01 | Permalink

    Hi Henrik,

    Unfortunately, the link has been broken or moved. So Could you please email the pdf to me ?.
    Actually, I’m very interested in the topic and really want to get it.

    Really appreciate your sharing and your helps,
    I’m looking forward to hearing from you,

    Best regards,
    Phuong Bui,

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      2015-06-09 - 01:00 | Permalink

      Thanks for the report. I’ve fixed the link now.

      • 13
        2018-04-23 - 12:00 | Permalink

        Sorry, but I’ve been asleep for almost 10 years, I just noticed. Meanwhile, the download link has broken again. Is there another link to the PDF? I would be extremely happy if there was.

        Thanks a lot!

        Best, Simon

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