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Agile Everywhere – slides from my keynote at Lean Forum

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Here are the slides from my keynote “Agile Everywhere” at Lean Forum, Gothenburg.

Great conference, great atmosphere! Very inspiring to hang out with a bunch of super-experienced practitioners. I love conferences where it’s clear that everyone is there to learn and spread knowledge. It’s funny though, in lean circles like this I’m often known as the Agile Guy, while in agile circles I’m often known as the Lean Guy 🙂

Here are some sample pics.

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Confessions of a Change Agent – my keynote from Agile Rock, Kiev

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Here is the flipchart from my talk “Confessions of a Change Agent” at Agile Rock conference in Kiev. Click for a zoomed in version.

Confessions of a Change Agent

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Slides from KTH agile intro

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Here are the slides from my agile intro at KTH last week. Hope you enjoyed it!

Some sample pics:

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Scaling Agile @ LEGO and Spotify – my talk at EA trĂ€ff

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Here are my slides from today’s talk “Scaling Agile @ LEGO and Spotify” at EA trĂ€ff in Stockholm (EA = enterprise architecture). Fun to hang out with enterprise architects and learn what that’s all about 🙂

Some sample slides from my talk:

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Agile – where are we at? My slides from USI conference, Paris.

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Here are the slides for my talk “Agile, where are we at?” from USI conference in Paris (USI = “unexpected sources of inspiration”) in June. One of the coolest conferences I’ve ever attended!

My talk was an attempt to take a step back and look at the big picture, and also speculate about the future of agile. I was also interviewed a couple of times, and the talk was also recorded. Here are links:

2 of my kids tagged along on the trip, we took the train to make it extra adventurous (and also to mind the climate). It’s a long way (24 hours each way), but we made good use of the time!

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Slides from “Passion for projects 2017”

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Today I met a crowd I do not bump in to all that often; project managers. I decided to share insights from Agile projects, stretching from Hospitals to Digitilization, how they simplified and speeded up their pre-studies. Learning how to do so well, helps avoiding the “we have to speed up implementation, to make up for lost time” syndrome.

Yes, the “black window” backwards bike, was there too 🙂


Slides in english, are available here.

Slides in swedish, are available here.



Agile Everywhere – slides from my keynote at Agile Tour, Montreal

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Here are the slides from my keynote Agile Everywhere at Agile Tour Montreal. In the keynote I shared my experiences from applying agile in lots of different non-software contexts.

Enjoyed the trip! After the conference I spent a day at Ubisoft Quebec to discuss REALLY large-scale agile (like 1000-person video game projects). I see more and more companies applying agile at really large scale and my key takeaway is that, the larger the project is, the more important the agile principles are. For tiny projects any process can pretty much work. Also interesting to see how different types of organizations – such as video game development, banking, and aerospace – arrive at very similar patterns for how to deal with dozens or hundreds of agile teams building a product together. Just keep in mind that big projects are super-risky with or without agile, so your first priority should be to de-scale.

Anyway here are some sample pictures from the keynote.


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Alignment at Scale – slides from my Agile Africa keynote

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Here are the slides from my Agile Africa keynote Alignment at Scale (or How to Not become Totally Unagile when you have Lots of Teams). Thanks for a great conference!

And thanks everyone for the Emma greeting, that sure made an 8 year girl very happy 🙂

(Emma was supposed to join me on this trip, but couldn’t make it because I had missed some required paperwork for travelling with minors to South Africa).

Agile Alignment at Scale

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Spotify Rhythm – how we get aligned (slides from my talk at Agile Sverige)

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Here are the slides from my talk about Spotify Rhythm at Agila Sverige.

The talk is about Spotify’s current approach to getting aligned as a company. It covers:

  • what problem we’re trying to solve, and how we’ve gone through two other models (OKR and Priorities & Achievements) before arriving at our current model
  • how we define “Bets” using the DIBB framework (Data-Insight-Belief-Bet)
  • how we prioritize bets using stack-ranking based on company beliefs and north star goals
  • how we visualize bets on a kanban-like company level board, and group them into Now – Next – Later columns
  • how different parts of the company visualize their own bets and align with higher level bets, using interlinked bet boards.
  • how we synchronize and prioritize our work using different cadences at different levels of the company.
  • how this model is used to support squad autonomy
  • our challenges and learnings with this so far

Holy crap how did I manage to cover all that in 10 minutes?! Guess I talked fast 🙂

Some sample slides below.


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Agile @ Lego – our slides from Passion for Projects

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UPDATE Dec 2016: Wrote an article about LEGO’s agile journey, see here. Includes all of the material below, plus explanations and updates.

Here are the slides for our talk Agile @ Lego at Passion for Projects in Uppsala. Enjoyed discussing this stuff with project managers and the like from all sorts of industries. A common theme from the conference was the power of self-organization, and the role of leadership in creating the right context for self-organization to happen. Our talk provided a real-life large scale example of this.

2016-03-15 Agile @ Lego Henrik Kniberg Eik Thyrsted Brandsgård



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Real-life Agile Scaling – slides from keynote @ Agile Tour Bangkok

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Here are the slides from my keynote “Real-life agile scaling” at Agile Tour Bangkok. Enjoyed hanging out with everyone!

Key points:

  • Scaling hurts. Keep things as small as possible.
  • Agile is a means, not a goal. Don’t go Agile Jihad. Don’t dump old practices that work.
  • There is no “right” or “wrong” way. Just tradeoffs.
  • There is no one-size-fits-all. But plenty of good practices.
  • Build feedback loops at all levels. Gives you better products and a self-improving organization.

Here is an InfoQ article with a nice summary of the keynote.

Sample slides:

Henrik Kniberg
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Scaling Agile @ Lego – our journey so far (slides from LeanTribe keynote)

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UPDATE Dec 2016: Wrote an article about LEGO’s agile journey, see here. Includes all of the material below, plus explanations and updates.

Here are the slides for my Lean Tribe keynote Scaling Agile @ Lego – our journey so far.

Here’s also a more detailed version from a talk that Lars Roost and I did at GOTO conference in Copenhagen: is SAFe Evil (that talk was also recorded).

This is just a brief snapshot of a journey in progress, not a journey completed 🙂

Sample slides below.

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10 talks in 2 weeks! Here are the slides.

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Wow, it’s been a crazy period. Sydney, Trondheim, Oslo, 10 talks in 2 weeks! Didn’t really plan to do that much, but one thing led to another. Fun, but exhausting!

Henrik keynote @ TDC

  • 4 internal talks at several large banks in Sydney
  • Keynote at Scrum Australia, Sydney. Topic: “Scaling agile @ Spotify” (slides)
  • Keynote at Trondheim Developer Conference. Topic: “Succeeding with Lean software development” (slides).
  • Talk at NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), Trondheim. Topic: “How do you know that your product works” (slides)
  • Keynote at Smidig 2014, Oslo. Topic: “Scaling agile @ Spotify” (slides) (video)
  • Lightning talk at Executive Workshop at Smidig 2014, Oslo. Topic: “Change” (slides).
  • Talk at Sintef, Oslo. Topic: “Lean from the Trenches” (slides).

Here’s a high-quality video recording of the Smidig 2014 keynote (on Spotify engineering culture). The conference organizers say it’s the highest-rated talk they’ve ever had! Cool :o)


Here’s a shorter version with much the same content, in the form of a two-part animated video series, for the impatient.

What is Scrum? (slides from my talk at KTH)

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Here are the slides for my talk “What is Scrum?” at KTH (Royal Institute of Technology). It was a guest talk at a course called Projektstyrning. Hoping to inspire young entrepreneurs to plant agile DNA in their companies from the very beginning. Last time I spoke at KTH was 6.5 years ago, that’s when I met the first Spotify team, and I’m really happy to have been able to influence and participate in their journey!

Here are some sample slides from the talk:

What is Scrum? Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 08.20.00 Don't go overboard with agile

What is an Agile Tester? Slides from my Sri Lanka talk.

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Here are the slides for my talk What is an agile tester from the Colombo Agile Conference in Sri Lanka.

What is an agile tester

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How do you know that your product works? Slides from my Sri Lanka keynote.

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Here are the slides for my keynote How do you know that your product works, from the Colombo Agile Conference in Sri Lanka.

Henrik Kniberg

How do you know that your product works

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Slides frÄn SAST Stockholm Q4: Tema agilt

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IgÄr hade jag Àran att fÄ gÀsta SAST Stockholm Q4, dÀr jag fick hÄlla en presentation om utvecklartestning. Med handen pÄ hjÀrtat, sÄ blev det lite mycket information pÄ fÄ tidsenheter ibland. Dock brinner jag verkligen för Àmnet och vill sÀga sÄ mycket jag kan.

Efter att ha checkat runt lite, glÀds jag Ät att mÄnga verkade ha fÄtt med sig följande budskap hem:

Utvecklare och testare tÀnker och talar annorlunda om test. Det Àr dÀrför viktigt att utbilda varandra.

Culture > Process (Paris Scrum Gathering keynote)

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Here are the slides for my keynote “Culture > Process” at the Paris Scrum Gathering. Amazing level of enthusiasm in the room, seems like this kind of stuff was exacty what people were looking for. Happy to see the ideas take such strong hold!

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Agile event @ major swedish bank

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Yesterday I spent a very inspiring day with a big swedish bank, doing agile intros with 1200 people. We had developers, designers, testers, C-level execs, project leads, pretty much every role represented. The CEO opened with words about why they are determined to go all-out agile, and we had a speaker from another even bigger company describe their ongoing agile journey and amazing results so far. Very interesting. And best of all – no roadmap or other fake attempts at pretending that we know what the journey is going to look like. It was clear that this is a bumpy ride and that change will have to evolve gradually from bottom as well as from top.

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How to run an internal unconference

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An unconference is like a normal conference but with no predefined agenda, no predefined list of speakers, no slides, and…er… actually it’s not very much like a normal conference at all! It’s more like an alternative to a conference. If the purpose of a conference is to collaborate and communicate, then an unconference will often fulfill the same purpose in a more simple, fun, and effective way!

There’s lots of ways of running unconferences. I’ve written a short book (or long article) about one specific format that I’ve been experimenting with over the past 5 years, mostly at companies like Crisp and Spotify.

By now it is well tested and works especially well for 1-2 day internal conferences with 20-80 participants. In fact, participants often say things like “all conferences should be like this!” or “best conference I’ve ever been to!”. Even the most rabid meeting-haters seem to like (or at least not hate…) this collaboration format 🙂

  • Slides (from my Agile Evening presentation on how to run an unconference)
  • Minibook (LeanPub – work in progress)

Stop Starting, Start Finishing! My slides on how to improve your life.

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Here are the slides from my keynote Starting Start Finishing from the LeanKanban Nordic conference.

Thanks for the great response! It seems like this was exactly the type of stuff people needed to hear! Some of the most tweeted quotes from the presentation:

  • “Organizations with slack are faster than organizations where the goal is to keep people busy all the time.”
  • “Those who can’t say no to anything, are those who burn-out and must say no to everything”
  • “Time is free! You get 24hrs per day!”
  • “I wanted a long term client because then I can see the consequences of the bad advice I’m giving” (hmmm…. maybe I shouldn’t have said that… lol)
  • This tweet warmed my heart: “@henrikkniberg has totally done it for me today. I need to change my life! 🙂 #sssf13”

Below are some sample slides. I had a lot of fun drawing the pics for this presentation! Thanks for giving me an excuse to waste spend time on that 🙂

Oh, and before you ask. I used ArtRage (software) and Intuos5 (drawing tablet).

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Agile India slides

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Agile India 2013 in Bangalore. Wow, what an awesome conference! I was amazed by the energy level of the participants, spent hours talking to people about all kinds of really interesting challenges. Based on the fully packed rooms and incredible feedback, it seems like my talks were exactly the kind of information people were looking for. Feels great to be able to help!

I also managed to squeeze in a site visit to a local development center, and discuss their agile implementation. Always fun to jump into trenches and see what is going on out there.

Anyway here are the slides from my presentations:

Thanks for a great time everyone!

Lean from the Trenches @ Øredev

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Here are the slides for my talk “Lean from the Trenches” at Øredev, Malmö. And here is the book/ebook, in case you want more details. There may also be some copies left at the conference bookstore.

Thanks for attending!

Agile @ Home (AgileEE keynote)

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Here are the slides for my third(!) keynote at Agile Eastern Europe. The guy who was supposed to do the afternoon keynote couldn’t make it, so I was invited to jump up and do another one (talked about Spotify, but I don’t yet have permission to publish those slides, sorry). And then that one finished early, so I filled in the last 20 minutes with this short talk about Agile @ Home. Three keynotes in one day must be some kind of record 🙂

Thanks for listening, and glad to see that so many of you were so excited about the idea of using Agile outside of work 🙂

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Lean from the Trenches keynote @ AgileEE, Kiev

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Here are the slides for my keynote “Lean from the Trenches” at Agile Eastern Europe, Kiev. And here is the book/ebook, in case you want more details. Thanks for attending!

Everybody wants Change – but nobody likes to Be Changed

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Here are the slides from my Ale2012 keynote: Everybody wants Change – but nobody likes to Be Changed.

Thanks for coming!

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Lean from the Trenches @ Agile2012, Dallas

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Here are the slides for my talk “Lean from the Trenches” at Agile2012. And here is the book/ebook, in case you want more details (unfortunately sold out in the conference bookstore). Thanks for attending!

Metrics – what to measure? (Agila mĂ€tetal i praktiken)

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Here are the slides from my metrics talk “Agila mĂ€tetal i praktiken” at Dataföreningen in Stockholm. Lots of very engaged and experienced participants, lots of interesting discussions, thanks for coming!

Agile@Home – simplifying life using agile and lean principles

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Here are annotated slides from my lighting talk Agile@Home at Agila Sverige 2012.

Have you tried a BBQ board? Or a travel spike? Or a homework burnup chart? How about Limiting WIP in the kitchen, or the closet? How about agile party planning? There are plenty of ways that Agile and Lean practices and ideas can be used to make life at home more simple, pleasant, and fun!

There are two recordings of the talk: here and here. The talk is in Swedish though, and the sound quality is pretty bad. And the tempo is very high – it’s a 10 minute lightning talk after all :o)

In the slides I’ve added english subtitles (well, speach bubbles actually). Wanted to try that instead of writing an article, what do you think? 🙂

Enjoy! And please share your own tips and tricks!

Intro to Kanban – slides from Leaders of Agile webinar

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Here are my Kanban Intro slides from my Leaders of Agile webinar together with Kent Beck and Aslam Khan on Oct 27. Thanks for participating!

BTW when I did this presentation I was sitting in a small hotel room in Tokyo with 4 sleeping kids. Due to timezone differences it was the middle of the night. Fortunately nobody woke up 🙂

Sample slides:

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