German version of Scrum and XP from the Trenches

A German translation of my book Scrum and XP from the Trenches is now available. Thanks Robert Sösemann & Andreas Schliep!

Scrum and XP from the Trenches in German

Russian, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and Portuguese translations are also available. Korean, Italian, and Slovak translations are underway.

I never cease to be impressed by the agile community! So far, every time I’ve blogged about a new translation it’s taken less than one day before someone offers to translate to the next language :o)

All translations are listed on InfoQ as well. Feel free to email me (henrik.kniberg AT if you want to translate the book to your language.

2 responses on “German version of Scrum and XP from the Trenches

  1. Hi Henrik,
    I am a software development manager from China, and I happended to read this book yesterday — it was a fantastic experience reading your book, and the great ideas in it realy made me exicting. Before i apply SCRUM to my work, i have a few questions:

    1. In my opinion, backlog is just a summary of requirements. Is it qualified for sharing requirements through different teams, such as R&D, QA? It is too brief to be a real requirement, isn’t it?
    2. You didn’t mention how design work is done in a SCRUM/Sprint process. I think a high-level/architecture design is needed before the first Sprint. And detail design should be done for each backlog, right? Does it need a design guy in the team?

    Hope you can spend a few minutes helping me, thank you!
    Forgive my poor English ūüôā

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