The Wicket framework is not TDD-friendly

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The Wicket framework is somewhat deceptive when it comes to testing, especially TDD. The wicket tester is pretty good for integration tests. However, when trying to test individual components in a TDD manner, you’ll get bitten by the “final” keyword that appears quite frequently among the Wicket components. Mockito won’t help you, my favorite subclass-and-override technique cannot be applied. So, you’re on your own, implementing extra methods in order to get the component under test, which leads to frustration and lack of focus.


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    2009-03-31 - 06:56 | Permalink

    One pragmatic approach that lessen the execution time as a whole, is to add several assertions within the same wicket test method. Granted, you’ll break the recommendation that you should test one thing only in a test method.

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    2010-07-11 - 05:10 | Permalink

    To mock classes with “final” stuff the JMockit framework can be used.

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