Roots of Lean, quick summary

Back from Japan! It was a very learning week. Among other we met

  • Manager for Toyota automotive  software
  • CEO of Fujitsu Siemens Software
  • Representatives from the Agile community in Japan
  • Agile pioneers such as Eiwa and Azzuri
  • Cheif engineer of Lexus and Supra program, Katyama-san
  • Former IT manager of Toyota Kuriowa-san

And of course visited a Toyota plant ūüôā

It was really interesting to see:

  • Toyota’s response to the current crises, totally different from what I’d expect western companies to do
  • How continuous improvement, Kaizen, is on top of the agenda. Especially CEO’s. "It is in our DNA"
  • How Kanban is the center of the modern Japanese software shop
  • How the Agile community of Japan is spearheading changes
  • How new cars got developed and how people leading these efforts where picked (comparison: Product Owner in Scrum)

I am going to talk more about this in my session at Future of Agile.
Big thanks to Bent and Kenji who made this possible.

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