What to do when Scrum doesn’t work

Here are the slides from my keynote at the Scrum Gathering in Cape Town.

Positive atmosphere and lots of laughs, really enjoyed the audience! The whole topic felt a bit like poking a stick at a hornet’s nest, but it looks like I got away with it, at least so far :o)

Slide samples:
Scrum Zombies

Wrong tool vs Tool wrong

19 responses on “What to do when Scrum doesn’t work

  1. What a splendid set of slides!
    I wish I had been present at your presentation.
    Your ability to analyze and explain what for others seem and is complicated, and making it Crisp clear, :-), is enviable and inspiring.

  2. it seems images are gone from dropbox, please sort this out as my friends are willing to view the _whole_ article 🙂

  3. I attended this presentation & really enjoyed it – excellent material and very well presented. You have a great talent for presenting and explaining ideas in an elegant and understandable manner.

  4. Great slides – and I can relate to some of these to my past experiences.

    Was this session recorded in video/podcast? I would like to watch/listen to the presentation.

  5. I was at your presentation (and your deep dive) and found it both highly entertaining and insightful. In fact we’re currently experimenting with some of the idea’s and suggestions your talk invoked.
    Thank you!

  6. Loved the Dogma slide (with the church and cross) absolutely brilliant!

    Overall an eye opener.

  7. Thanks for diagnosis sickness that my co-workers have and though I was the only one to see! Do you have a video or document with complete presentation or any media that relates to the subject?

  8. Your article form of this wonderful slide deck is returning a 404 from SA. Can you put it on Medium? Or host it yourself?

    You have been an inspiration to me; to keep being a Scrum Master and work with teams.

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