Intro to Kanban – slides from Leaders of Agile webinar

Here are my Kanban Intro slides from my Leaders of Agile webinar together with Kent Beck and Aslam Khan on Oct 27. Thanks for participating!

BTW when I did this presentation I was sitting in a small hotel room in Tokyo with 4 sleeping kids. Due to timezone differences it was the middle of the night. Fortunately nobody woke up 🙂

Sample slides:

4 responses on “Intro to Kanban – slides from Leaders of Agile webinar

  1. Tom: if you mean the timebox iterations, here is a short explanation:

    1. you can have sprints like this: planning on the first day, review or demo on the last and retrospective on the last day as well or on the day after it. Then again: planning, demo, retro, planning, demo, retro. You can do it in Kanban as well. It’s a scrum methodology, anyway, and not really flexible.
    2. Or – second part of the slide – you can have releases every week, but the plannings are done only e.g. biweekly and retros only once in every 4 weeks. So if you are ready with something, you can demo it (review) to the management, you do not have to wait for the end of the sprint. Feedback is even faster this way.
    3. Or – third part – you can do everything even more freely: you plan, when you have no tasks in Incoming coloumn, you review or demo, when you have something to show and you have a retro, when you feel there are some topics to talk about.

    I suggest to use the latest!

    1. Thanks for the help Gabez! I’d never recommend any specific solution to a person without knowing his context though. Each of the three sample scenarios has advantages and disadvantages depending on the situation.

      1. You’re right, Henrik, then I modify like this: you can try out all of them, for us the latest was/is the best. 🙂

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