10 kanban boards and their context – translated to Russian


Tim Yevgrashyn has made an amazing job translating my 10 kanban board article (included poorly crafted English 🙂 into Russian. Thanks!

It is available here!

I did study Russian once, but it’s a far cry now from where I left it.

  • Proud over:  Once fooling a guard at the Kremlin tickett stand that I was Russian
  • Less proud over: Not able to grasp the price of an apple I bought at the local market 🙂

Since my Russian leaves much to wish for..  comments in English please 😉

Cheers – Mattias

One response on “10 kanban boards and their context – translated to Russian

  1. Hi Mattias,

    It seems the URL to the translated presentation is wrong – it returns 404 at the moment.

    Could you please fix the file link and update the presentation?

    Thanks in advance!

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