Coming to Brazil

Hi Brazil!

I’m happy to say that I’ll be visiting you in a few weeks.

I’ll be involved in two public events together with Samuel Crescêncio:

The course will be in English, but Samuel will be around to help translate when necessary.
This is a unique opportunity, since I don’t get around to Brazil very often. In fact, this is my first visit ever to South America (I’m on a Big Family Trip).
You’ll like this course. My courses are almost always rated 9.2 – 9.8 on average (out of 10) by course participants. In addition to the Scrum stuff I’ll be talking about Lean and Kanban and going through some real-life examples from my latest book Lean from the Trenches. The course is highly interactive, with plenty of hands-on exercises and discussions. The course is also very pragmatic, focusing on what actually works and doesn’t work in real life. No dogma.

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