Self-organizing a 50 person party

Sunshine. Over 35 adults and 15 kids milling about, playing and socializing. Some down by the beach eating snacks and windsurfing. Work going on in the background: Pototoes being boiled, tables being set, drinks brought out, BBQ lit. Nobody is giving orders, things are just happening. Looks rather chaotic.

But then at 16:30, precisely on schedule, everything miraculously comes together!

Here’s an article about How to self-organize a 50 person party using agile techniques such as story-papping, taskboards, and pair-based self-organization 🙂

2 responses on “Self-organizing a 50 person party

  1. Thanks Sophia and Henrik for sharing. Like always I appreciate your fresh thinking of clever real-life challenges. What is actually the reason, by the way, that you use some german words?


    1. Not sure why we use Meister, think it was at some party many many years ago when we made up silly xyz-meister titles, because it felt funny for some reason 🙂

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