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Did the math on my contribution to global warming

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I was curious about how many tons of carbon dioxide that my family pumps into the atmosphere (= global warming). Looked at the most direct variables: flying, driving, and home electricity.¬†There are obviously more variables to look at (like beef!), but I’m starting with these three, as the data is readily available and I gotta start somewhere.

Result (updated):

  • Flying = 14.6 tons per year
  • Driving = 4.1 tons per year
  • Electricity = 0.5 tons per year

So, 19 tons of CO2 per year. Damn! Sorry about that, earth and future generations. Good news is that I now know how to reduce it by ALOT (like 5 times less)!

CO2e emission before and after

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Stop Starting, Start Finishing – slides from Aggro Pekuliar

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Hi! Here are my slides Stop Starting, Start Finishing from Aggro Pekuliar. Thanks for attending! And what a cool conference, nice to hang out with a bunch of non-techies for a change ūüôā

Self-organizing a 50 person party

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Sunshine. Over 35 adults and 15 kids milling about, playing and socializing. Some down by the beach eating snacks and windsurfing. Work going on in the background: Pototoes being boiled, tables being set, drinks brought out, BBQ lit. Nobody is giving orders, things are just happening. Looks rather chaotic.

But then at 16:30, precisely on schedule, everything miraculously comes together!

Here’s an article about¬†How to self-organize a 50 person party¬†using agile techniques such as¬†story-papping, taskboards, and pair-based self-organization ūüôā

Agile@Home – simplifying life using agile and lean principles

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Here are annotated slides from my lighting talk Agile@Home at Agila Sverige 2012.

Have you tried a BBQ board? Or a travel spike? Or a homework burnup chart? How about Limiting WIP in the kitchen, or the closet? How about agile party planning? There are plenty of ways that Agile and Lean practices and ideas can be used to make life at home more simple, pleasant, and fun!

There are two recordings of the talk: here and here. The talk is in Swedish though, and the sound quality is pretty bad. And the tempo is very high – it’s a 10 minute lightning talk after all :o)

In the¬†slides¬†I’ve added english subtitles (well, speach bubbles actually). Wanted to try that instead of writing an article, what do you think? ūüôā

Enjoy! And please share your own tips and tricks!