Everybody wants Change – but nobody likes to Be Changed

Here are the slides from my Ale2012 keynote: Everybody wants Change – but nobody likes to Be Changed.

Thanks for coming!

Here’s video recording of parts of it (bad sound quality though):

My 7-year old daughter Jenny joined me for the last part. I told her before the talk that I will be mentioning our big family trip at the end, and showing some pictures (as an example of how an organizational change model can be used in other contexts, such as family life). I said she could come up and join me if she likes (optional, of course).

Well, she did! So while people were asking questions she was next to me (actually, picking my pockets for some reason, made the audience laugh…). One person addressed a question to Jenny, about how the trip was. She answered in one word “Good”. That was her speaking contribution 🙂

But nevertheless, even speaking a single word in a foreign language in front of a big audience is an important milestone in life, so I’m happy she did it  🙂

Here’s a comment from a participant: “I was so sorry I hadn’t my camera with me during Henrik’s keynote. I don’t think there was anything intentional, Jenny just stepped up on stage and started to turn around Henrik, inspecting his jeans pockets. It was a moment of sheer inspiration!”

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