Interview with Christopher Avery

In April this year we had Christopher Avery at Crisp giving his two days workshop Creating Result Based Teams. I read Christopher’s book about creating effective teams a few years ago which I found very inspiring and it was loaded with a lot of wisdom about working with teams. I was therefore very excited to have him here in Sweden to give his workshop and help us improve the collaboration level in our teams. In his book and during this workshop, Christopher describes what he believes are the foundation of high performance teams; things like personal responsibility and trust just right. He also describes the outcome from a research he participated in during the 90th where they studied how personal responsibility is handled by the mind, the responsibility process. This and other things Christopher talks about in this interview I did with him during his stay here in April.

The workshop was very appreciated by the participants so we have Christopher back in Sweden now in November. You can find more here.

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