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Interview with Christopher Avery

In April this year we had Christopher Avery at Crisp giving his two days workshop Creating Result Based Teams. I read Christopher’s book about creating effective teams a few years ago which I found very inspiring and it was loaded with a lot of wisdom about working with teams. I was therefore very excited to

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Interviewed by InfoQ

Here’s an interview by InfoQ. I talked about my books, my travels, the agile manifesto translation project, coaching coaches, agile trends, and various other stuff. The interviewer (Craig Smith) had a great set of questions, and I’m pretty happy with my answers 🙂

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Scandev interview

Here is a transcript of an interview in conjunction with my Scandev keynote. Det är många som har läst din bok "Scrum and XP from the Trenches" – hur kom det sig att du skrev den? – Det var inte planerat. Det bara råkade bli så. Jag hade feber en helg i 2006 och låg

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Interviewed on Agile Zone about Kanban and Scrum and XP

I was interviewed by Mitch Pronschinske on Agile Zone, this turned into two articles: Kanban isn’t better than Scrum, it’s just smaller Scrum and XP are new – their principles are not I think Mitch did a good job of turning the interview into coherent articles (not an easy job). 

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