3 responses on “Lean from the Trenches @ Øredev

  1. I just finished your great book. I really learned a lot from it.

    Many thanks,

  2. Hello Henrik,

    Great book and great presentation @ Agile Alliance. Much appreciate it.

    Couple of questions:

    1) Did you guys use any electronic tool as a repository, etc? If so, what would it be.

    2) What would you do if you have done if the developers and testers in your team were offshore – how might have you approached this matter?

    Your thoughts on the question above would be very interesting.

    Which also reminds me to tell you that I am also waiting for your book on how you do Leand and Agile with a distributed team. 🙂

    With Best Regards


  3. Henrik,
    Nice to see hou you integrate Agile and lean mindset and instruments in a coherent way. I see quite often some chinese walls between the Lean and the Agile community . I was at an organization who wanted to get rid of kanban because it did not help there software development proces and about to switch to scrum. Going deeper in the origin of it: No discipline in team/ process hygiene just pick up new items when another is blocked, lots of code findings in system test, customer nonattached to teams, management changing priorities and intervening in available team members..
    Scrum will not help them when it is still being seen as an instrument without culture and (lean) leadership connection.

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