Facilitating a future vision @ Crisp

Every organization needs to find it’s path, where to go next. Or it can choose just go “wherever” 🙂  But let’s imagine your want to grasp the state of your hope, dreams and future of your creative people to understand what opportunities to grasp and which to let go of. Let’s imagine you need to do that among a group of self going free radicals, working in different places that does not regularly meet. Wait- that sounds like Crisp 🙂  Let me share how we grasped our future vision.

Assign a facilitator

You need to focus the collaborative energy  and make sure you get closure at the end of the day. I took on this task. Check!

Finding a place outside home base where conversations are in focus

We wanted to avoid distraction from the daily noise. 20 minutes outside Stockholm does the job.

Nice place. Skepparholmen outside Stockholm

Invite passionate people

Seriously passionate 🙂

Once in place, here’s how we scheduled the day:

08.30 – 09.00 : Breakfast
09:00-10:30 :  Where would you like Crisp to be in 3-5 years? Create the ultimate vision
11:00-12:00 :  Share it with the group


13.00 – 14.00 : Extract common themes
14.00 – 16:00 : What stops us from getting there?
16:00 –  16:30 Crisp board selects one or two themes they decide they will work with during the upcoming year

Pens, crayons, post-its and play doh to everyone!

Hold on, did you say play-doh?  Yep, nothing sparks imagination as play doh does.  As a more serious note, we all feel creative using different means. So I prefer not to filter “by what means” – I prefer allowing different means of expression.

Sharing visions

It was fascinating to see how we had common themes in our visions event though we come from such diverse background. It’s a positive emotion.

Extracting themes from our creative work

What stops us from getting there?

We asked people to join the theme they were most passionate about. Then we looked at what stopped us from getting there. We used Luke Hohmann’s “Speed boat” exercise. A neat way to surface challenges and opportunities using the creativity and experiences of teams.

Get aboard the Crisp love boat 🙂

Summing it up

So now we have visions, common themes and an understanding of what challenges stands in our way. The last step was asking the our board (who where attending) which of these themes they would like to work on during there upcoming year. After some debate they selected one of these which is today guiding their work. Looking forward to see the outcome!

Visions at work!

Let’s catch up in the future!


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