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Facilitating a future vision @ Crisp

Every organization needs to find it’s path, where to go next. Or it can choose just go “wherever” 🙂  But let’s imagine your want to grasp the state of your hope, dreams and future of your creative people to understand what opportunities to grasp and which to let go of. Let’s imagine you need to do that among a group of self going free radicals, working in different places that does not regularly meet. Wait- that sounds like Crisp 🙂  Let me share how we grasped our future vision.

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What is Crisp?

If you enter the Crisp office you will see these two A3 papers on the wall (click picture for bigger version)

What is Crisp

Crisp Strategy

Here is an english translation of these pictures.

The first picture is titled "What is Crisp?". It defines our purpose.
The second picture is titled "Crisp strategy". It defines how the company works and why.

Read on if you are curious about how and why we created these simple A3 pictures, and why it has had such a strong impact on our company.

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