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Agile India 2013 in Bangalore. Wow, what an awesome conference! I was amazed by the energy level of the participants, spent hours talking to people about all kinds of really interesting challenges. Based on the fully packed rooms and incredible feedback, it seems like my talks were exactly the kind of information people were looking for. Feels great to be able to help!

I also managed to squeeze in a site visit to a local development center, and discuss their agile implementation. Always fun to jump into trenches and see what is going on out there.

Anyway here are the slides from my presentations:

Thanks for a great time everyone!

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  1. Hello Henrik.

    I´m working in a new business project that need the develop of a website. The website can be simple or complex. So what we want to do is to develop by steps, like you propose in the video “Agile Product Ownership in a Nutshell” starting with the basic things (functional website) and going to the complex website. I´m telling you this because I am quoting worldwide this development but I don´t know which is the best option or the best agency to do make business with. Do you work in an agency that works this way? or maybe do you know which agency can do it that way you explain in the video? I will appreciate your help! thank you

  2. Hello,
    Intresting insight regarding story size and throughput time. p.59
    I have some questions:
    Which story sizes do you use s,m,l?
    Are those sizes related to time e.g S = 1-2 work days or only complexity?
    Which actions resulting from the different sizes e.g. stories with a size L must be splitted?

    Looking forward to your answers!


    1. Size was S,M,L. Stories with size L were not allowed into development. Size S meant, roughly, “if everyone who is needed for this is locked into a room until Done, then it will take less than a week”. M meant 1-2 weeks. L meant > 2 weeks.

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