Retrospective protocol for finding the whining

Those agile geeks think it is important to have so called retrospective meetings so that they can improve. But they should improve when we tell them to, right?

However, a tip to use if they persist in having those meetings during office hours, is to have some of your allies present and write a protocol and report to you. Video cam is even better.

A good protocol should show:

  • Who said it
  • What they said
  • Their mood. Was it said fearfully or was it boldly stated? Perhaps someone was being sarcastic?

Make sure to find out who is the biggest whiner so that you can take them out to a face-to-face meeting a late Friday afternoon. This will give you regular and excellent opportunities to talk about why they don’t like their job and whether they perhaps would like to do something else, at some other company. Maybe they don’t fit in here…

Watch them tremble as they fear losing their job! Retrospective FTW!

My Input

A frequent question is where do my ideas come from? I watch and learn. Like a vampire sucking blood from their victims, I watch others and take note. Everything here has been tested in reality!

Now go and get some anger out!

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