How to run an internal unconference

An unconference is like a normal conference but with no predefined agenda, no predefined list of speakers, no slides, and…er… actually it’s not very much like a normal conference at all! It’s more like an alternative to a conference. If the purpose of a conference is to collaborate and communicate, then an unconference will often fulfill the same purpose in a more simple, fun, and effective way!

There’s lots of ways of running unconferences. I’ve written a short book (or long article) about one specific format that I’ve been experimenting with over the past 5 years, mostly at companies like Crisp and Spotify.

By now it is well tested and works especially well for 1-2 day internal conferences with 20-80 participants. In fact, participants often say things like “all conferences should be like this!” or “best conference I’ve ever been to!”. Even the most rabid meeting-haters seem to like (or at least not hate…) this collaboration format 🙂

  • Slides (from my Agile Evening presentation on how to run an unconference)
  • Minibook (LeanPub – work in progress)

3 responses on “How to run an internal unconference

  1. Hi Henrik, thanks for sharing your way of doing unconferences with this well written minibook. Downloaded it 2h ago and just finished/eat it nearly.

    It helped me really to get the basic principle. And with all the examples I really feel comfortable to host my first session too. Let’s see were I can find a good location in Munich … will be the toughest part I guess. Themes I’m having enough.

    Well done!!! Thanks a lot

  2. Glad you enjoyed it! You were fast, I’m guessing you were the first reader since I published the minibook. Should earn a prize of some sort 🙂

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