Culture > Process (Paris Scrum Gathering keynote)

Here are the slides for my keynote “Culture > Process” at the Paris Scrum Gathering. Amazing level of enthusiasm in the room, seems like this kind of stuff was exacty what people were looking for. Happy to see the ideas take such strong hold!

Here’s a pretty detailed transcript written by Markus Gärtner. Good work!

10 responses on “Culture > Process (Paris Scrum Gathering keynote)

  1. Fantastic and memorable keynote address, which I have been mentioning in my agile management and Scrum/Kanban team training already this past week. Now I’ll be able to share the slides with many others, and if there were a video cast available, it would be even better! Henrik, thanks for your generosity in sharing experience and good ideas. Bravo!

  2. Thanks for reporting. The slides were in dropbox, which doesn’t always work for everyone. I’ve moved them out now, so the link should work. Otherwise let me know.

  3. Henrik,
    Fantastic speech in the Agile Conference. I will share your slides with our Scrum Masters.

  4. Any chance there is a link to a video of actual presentation? These slides are terrific and pull together so much of what I’ve been focused on lately. I’d love to get more of your context on each slide.

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