3 responses on “Slides from Lean Kanban France 2013

  1. You were afraid to receive tomatoes for this session at LKFR, but the feedbacks are pretty good in fact !
    I heard a “It made my day !”, and some other good comments.
    At least you won a second chance to get tomatoes in Paris, you have 1 year to find something more controversial 😉
    Thank you for coming,
    Dimitri (Lkfr org)

    1. I’m happy for that!

      Something more controversial than we can do multi team developent without PO’s and PM’s?
      Gulp will need to think hard! 🙂

  2. I hope you had time to think hard, I’m waiting for your answer and a new session for LKFR14 this year 😉 If you are not shy to come again …

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